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Exciting career training at its finest!

Springfield College of Beauty has trained over 5000 Salon and Spa professionals for over 50 years. Our proven successful system is formulated to blend classic and contemporary art and science concepts to offer a balanced complete program of study.

Discover the excitement and security of a personal service profession that cannot be duplicated by a machine!
Excellent opportunities in employment are always available. Over 90% of graduating students who seek employment have jobs when they leave our school.

The enthusiastic commitment you make to your education coupled with our dedication and skill will produce a long term investment in which we will both be proud.

Our Programs

Hair Design,
Esthetics and
Nail Technology

2300 Clock Hours
60 Weeks

Hair Design

1700 Clock Hours
45 Weeks

Nail Technology

850 Clock Hours
22 Weeks

Cadet Teacher

1000 Clock Hours
26 Weeks

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