Standard Occupational Codes and Opportunities

  • Hair Designer: 39-5012.00, 39-5093.00, 39-1021.01. Specialist in hair sculpture, texture, color, condition and other elements of Hair Design.

  • Nail Technician: 39-5092.00, 39-1021.01 Manicurist, pedicurist, nail artist, Podiatrist assistant.

  • Esthetician: 39-5094.00, 39-5091.00, 39-1021.01. Skin care therapist, make-up artist, dermatologist assistant, spa esthetician.

  • Cadet Teacher: 25-1194.00. Teach at a cosmetology college, teach cosmetology in community college, and or build-up credentials for platform artist work.

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