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“Practice Practice Practice! Hands on helped me get familiar with a wide variety of clients and situations.”
Britni F.
“I learned better communication skills, speed & diplomacy.”
Martha B.
“I learned far more at your place of business than the technical skills I signed up for, things I apparently needed to know as I continue along my path. For those lessons I am grateful.”
Cindia C.
“It really helped being busy with clients to get so much practice to feel comfortable by graduation.”
Kari S.
“I learned how to listen to clients as well as how to do their certain requests the most effective way.”
Sierra W.
“Hands on demonstration & methods of teaching helped me in understanding each head, face, etc.. is different. There are hundreds of ways to do everything. Confidence!”
Emily F.
“I benefited by instructors showing a technique to me and then watching me do it.’
Jessica Y.
“Hands on demonstration was most beneficial because observing & immediately practicing a technique is the best way for me to learn.”
Sarah M.
“You guys run a tight ship around here!”
John H.